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Predicting the future isn’t that difficult. It is every thing you imagine, just an execution away.

We are
balarience Studio

We design experiences

A brand is an emotion felt through several touchpoints. It is a promise and a trust that crosses boundaries and goes beyond. Balarience Studio is a holistic approach to this idea of brand development to create stories and experiences that speak to audiences.

Voice of the creators

Balarience Studio is committed to nurturing creativity and embracing stories that align with our core values. Our podcast reflects our inquisitive nature, as we seek to broaden our perspectives and engage with a diverse global community. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery and collaboration, fostering an environment of creative flow.


The Team

The Balarience Family: A dedicated team of creatives, bringing visions to life with innovation and expertise.
Olivia Rhye
Co-Founder & Product Designer
Pruthviraj Ghatge Ghosh
Phoenix Baker
Co-Founder, Brand & UI/UX Designer
Kushagra Gautam
Lana Steiner
Co-Founder & Brand Designer
Aman Jhunjhunwala


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